Best Movie DVD Collections for African-American Fans

Hungry for good entertainment? Then you should check out these top movie DVD collections. From “Fox in a Box” to the “Denzel Washington Film Collection” we’ve found the best movie box sets available for African-American cinema fans.

If you like comedies, dramas, thrillers, romance movies and more, you’ll find them in these attractive DVD sets. And, even better, you’ll save money by purchasing them in the set instead of buying them individually. So why wait? Check out these entertaining movie collections now. We’re sure that they’ll satisfy your hunger for good entertainment.

Denzel Washington Film Collection Contains:

Price: $44.45

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8 movies – The Mighty Quinn, Antwone Fisher, Unstoppable, Man on Fire, Out of Time, Courage Under Fire, Much Ado About Nothing, The Siege

Just released in October of this year, this movie collection contains eight movies starring Denzel Washington. These movies cover a 20 year span of Washington’s impressive career. The earliest film is “The Mighty Quinn” which he starred in with Robert Townsend in 1989. The newest is the 2010 thriller movie “Unstoppable.” This movie collection is a great set for Denzel Washington fans and showcases his versatile acting skills in highly-entertaining dramas and thriller films.

The Best of Soul Cinema Contains:

Price: $20.49

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5 movies – Coffy, Cooley High, Foxy Brown, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Hell Up in Harlem

These 1970s Black Classic Movies will bring back many memories. The set contains a mixture of comedies and dramas. Cooley High stars Lawrence Hilton Jacobs and Glynn Turman in a classic high school drama with a dynamite soundtrack. Sultry Pam Grier stars in “Coffy” and “Foxy Brown.” “Hell Up in Harlem” stars Fred Williamson in a role billed as “tougher than Shaft and smoother than Superfly.” In “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” it’s all laughs as the whole Blaxploitation genre is parodied by Keenan Ivory Wayans and Bernie Casey.

Spike Lee Joint Collection Contains:

Price: $10.78

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5 movies – Do the Right Thing, Clockers, Jungle Fever, Mo’ Better Blues, Crooklyn

This special movie collection contains five movies by famed director Spike Lee. All of the movies are from the early years of his career and were made within seven years of each other. Spike Lee doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects and in his classic films “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever” he delves into the topics of racism and interracial relationships. Denzel Washington stars in the jazzy film “Mo’ Better Blues” as a trumpeter who is a ladies’ man. In “Clockers,” Spike Lee delves into the trappings of the drug world and black-on-black crime. On a lighter note, Spike Lee directs the comedy “Crooklyn” which was a semi-autobiographical film about his childhood.

Harlem Collection Volume 1 Contains:

Price: $66.92

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15 Race Movies

This is the only movie collection of its kind because it contains all of the Race Movies currently available on DVD. (Race movies are films made specifically for Black audiences during segregation.) In total there are 30 films on 15 DVDs in this outstanding set. Four of African-American director Oscar Micheaux’s films are in this cinema package. This is a perfect movie set for the avid Black movie history fan.
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The John Singleton Collection Contains:

Price: $29.99

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3 movies – Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning

African-American director John Singleton has brought some very dramatic and memorable films to the screen. His first three major films are in this special DVD set representing a mixture of crime, romance and drama films. “Boyz N the Hood” was Singleton’s first movie and delves into the difficulties faced by three young men growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur star in the romance movie “Poetic Justice” and “Higher Learning” stars Omar Epps and Ice Cube in a film that takes a bold look at the positives and negatives of college life.

Sidney Poitier Collection Contains:

Price: $27.99

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4 movies – A Patch of Blue, A Warm December, Edge of the City, Something of Value

Sidney Poitier stars in all four movies available in this box set. Two of them are romance movies – “A Patch of Blue” and “A Warm December.” In the “Edge of the City” Poitier stars as a longshoreman who has an unlikely friendship with another white longshoreman. In “Something of Value” he is teamed up with Rock Hudson in a story set in colonial Kenya. This is a great addition to the movie collection for a Sidney Poitier fan because it contains some of his lesser-known, but still dramatically entertaining films.

Fox in a Box – Featuring Pam Grier Contains:

Price: $15.99

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3 movies – Sheba Baby, Foxy Brown, Coffy

These are three of seventies actress Pam Grier’s most well-known films from the Blaxploitation era. In “Sheba Baby” she is a private detective who comes back home to help her father fight mobsters. In “Foxy Brown” Pam Grier goes undercover in order to get revenge against the men who murdered her boyfriend. And in “Coffy” she is determined to get revenge against the drug dealers responsible for her sister’s death.

Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection Contains:

Price: $12.98

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4 movies – Inside Man, The Hurricane, The Bone Collector, Mo’ Better Blues

This Denzel Washington collection contains four movies, all starring this award-winning actor and showcasing a mixture of crime, drama, thriller and music-themed cinema. Two of the movies “Inside Man” and “Mo’ Better Blues” were directed by Spike Lee and show Washington in two very different roles. In the heist thriller “Inside Man” he plays a police detective. In “Mo’ Better Blues” he is a younger Denzel Washington starring as a jazz musician. The sports drama “The Hurricane” is based on the true story of boxer Rubin Carter who spent years in jail for a murder he adamantly claimed he didn’t commit. In the suspense thriller “The Bone Collector” Washington is a homicide detective who is partnered with actress Angelina Jolie to find a serial killer. Reasonably-priced and full of enjoyable entertainment, this DVD boxed set is a great addition to the Denzel Washington fan’s movie collection.

Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist – The Criterion Collection Contains:

Price: $54.49

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8 movies – The Emperor Jones, Body and Soul, Borderline, Sanders of the River, Jericho, The Proud Valley, Native Land, Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist Biography DVD

Paul Robeson was a trailblazer for his time and an enormously talented actor and singer. He was controversial because he refused to accept the norms of his time. This special DVD collection contains a great biography about Paul Robeson and some of his best films. The set includes two early silent films starring Paul Robeson – “Body and Soul” and “Borderline.” In “The Emperor Jones” Paul Robeson stars as Brutus Jones, a man who bluffs himself into becoming emperor of a Caribbean island. During his acting career, Robeson starred in only eleven movies as an actor and this set contains seven of them. If you are a Paul Robeson fan, or African-American classic movie enthusiast, this is definitely a cinema collection for you.

Movies With Soul Collection Contains:

Price: $16.99

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3 movies – Soul Food, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale

Three classic dramas with romance are part of this DVD box set featuring a stellar cast of actors and actresses. Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs star in the romance drama “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” In the relationship movie “Waiting to Exhale,” Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett star in this comedy-romance film based on Terry McMillan’s novel of the same name. “Soul Food” is a warm and engaging family film that led to a spinoff into a television series. All three movies are classics that make a great addition to a Black film fan’s movie library

Dolemite Collection: Bigger & Badder Contains:

Price: $52.98

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7 movies – Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw: Devil’s Son-in-Law, Disco Godfather, Rude, The Legend of Dolemite: Bigger & Badder, Rudy Ray Moore: Live at Wetlands

This is a special DVD collection of comedian Rudy Ray Moore movies. There are seven DVDs in this set, all of them comedies. Rudy Ray Moore’s first movie “Dolemite” is a comedy about a pimp who is sent to prison on a frame-up by Willie Green and some crooked cops. He’s released from jail with the condition that he will help the FBI bring down Willie and gang. In the sequel “The Human Tornado,” Dolemite is on the run from a red-necked sheriff. In addition to movies, this DVD set contains two live stand-up comedy performances – “Rude” and “Rudy Ray Moore: Live at Wetlands.” This is a must-have collection for Rudy Ray Moore fans.

Sidney Poitier DVD Collection Contains:

Price: $50.00

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5 movies – In the Heat of the Night, For Love of Ivy, Lilies of the Field, The Organization, They Call Me Mister Tibbs

This is a classic collection of Sidney Poitier movies and contains many of his most famous films. Sidney Poitier became the first African-American to win the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in “Lilies of the Field.” In the romance movie “For Love of Ivy” he stars as an avowed bachelor who is asked to date a family’s maid (played by jazz singer Abbey Lincoln) in order to keep her from leaving. In the celebrated mystery classic “In the Heat of the Night,” Sidney Poitier stars as Virgil Tibbs, a traveling detective who is asked to help solve a murder in a racist Southern town. He reprises his role as Virgil Tibbs in the sequels “They Call Me Mister Tibbs” and “The Organization.” If you are a Sidney Poitier fan then this is an excellent movie collection to own.

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