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Alex Haley's Queen

Director: John Erman

Key Cast: Halle Berry, Danny Glover, Ann-Margret, Martin Sheen, Tim Dalyh, Jasmine Guy, Ossie Davis, Paul Winfield, Sada Thompson, Madge Sinclair, Lonette McKee

Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Drama, History


Winner of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Television Miniseries!

Halle Berry stars in this television miniseries drama based on the book "Queen."

"Queen" (played by Halle Berry) was Alex Haley’s grandmother. She was the daughter of a slave named
Easter (Jasmine Guy) and plantation owner James Jackson (Tim Daly).  Because of her mixed race,
Queen struggles to find acceptance in a racially segregated world. She is light enough to pass for
White, but she is Black.

Nominated for several Emmy Awards and the winner of three NAACP Image Awards,
"Queen" tells the story of a woman who ultimately finds acceptance and true love
without having to totally sacrifice who she is.


• "Queen" is based on Alex Haley’s posthumous novel, “Queen: The Story of an American Family” that was completed by David Stevens after Alex Haley passed away.

• Alex Haley was working on the novel "Queen" when he died in 1992 of a heart attack.  It was finished by David Stevens (a close associate of Alex Haley’s) who had many conversations with him about the story and had access to all of Alex Haley’s papers.

• "Queen" was filmed on location at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  You can visit the Boone Hall Plantation as it is open to the public for tours.  The plantation has a “Slave Street and History Tour” that shows and discusses slave history much like the history in the movie.

• "Queen" first aired for three nights in February, 1993.


• "Queen" won three NAACP Image Awards:  Outstanding Television Mini-Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Television Mini-Series (Halle Berry) and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Television Mini-Series (Danny Glover)

• Won a 1993 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling.

• Nominated for seven additional Emmy Awards:  Outstanding Mini-Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series (Ann Margret), Outstanding Sound Mixing, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Editing, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Editing and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costume Design.

• Nominated for a 1994 Golden Globe Award: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Ann Margret)


"Queen" Movie DVD


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Halle Berry stars in this television miniseries
based on Alex Haley's book "Queen."

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"Queen" Book by Alex Haley and David Stevens

Queen: The Story of An American Family by Alex Haley and David Stevens
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Alex Haley's "Queen"
on DVD

queen movie dvd cover

"Queen" stars Halle Berry as a woman of mixed-race heritage who struggles with her personal identity and getting acceptance in a racially segregated world.

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