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hi de ho movie dvd


Director: Josh Binney

Key Cast: Cab Calloway, Ida James, Jeni Le Gon, William Campbell, Virginia Girvin, George Whilshire, James Dunmore, Augustus Smith, Edgar martin, Leonard Rogers, David Bethea, Shepard Roberts, Frederick Johnson

Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Musical



Song Sample:
"Hi-De-Ho Man"


"Hi De Ho" is an all-black cast film that features some great swing jazz songs performed by Cab Calloway and his orchestra.

In Hi De Ho, singer Cab Calloway finds himself in a precarious position between his girlfriend, Minnie, and his female manager, Nettie.  Minnie is jealous and thinks that Cab is romantically involved with Nettie.  To get revenge, she hatches a plan against Cab.


∙  "Hi-De-Ho" was made specifically for African-American audiences to be shown at colored theatres.  African-American films made during this time to be shown in colored theatres did not have the financial resources to make super high quality productions.

∙  Cab Calloway and his orchestra perform many great numbers in Hi-De-Ho including the following:
“Minnie’s a Hepcat Now”
“Dawn Time”
“Bop Bop”
“Hey Now, Hey Now”
“Hi-De-Ho Man”
“St. James Infirmary Blues”
“I Got a Gal Named Nettie”
“Don’t Falter at the Altar”

∙  Cab Calloway, who stars in this movie, was known as the “King of Hi-De-Ho.”  Hi-De-Ho is often used to describe “scat” which is a style of jazz singing using nonsense syllables such as “hi de ho,”  “skeeten” and “scat.”

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Cab Calloway Music CD





Cab Calloway "Hi-De-Hi" Album
This Cab Calloway album features many of his most
famous songs including "Minnie the Moocher" and
"Geechy Joe." There are 24 classic Cab Calloway
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Cab Calloway Music Downloads


Cab Calloway "Hi-De-Hi" Music Download
You can download songs from Cab Calloway's "Hi-De-Hi" album
or download the entire album.

Some of the Cab Calloway songs on this album are:
"Minnie the Moocher"
"St. James Infirmary"
"Scat Song"
"Geechy Joe"
"The Jumpin' Jive" (hep, hep)
"Hi-De-Ho Man"

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"One for My Baby "
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