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hallelujah movie dvd


Director: King Vidor

Key Cast: Daniel L. Haynes, Nina Mae McKinney, William E. Fountaine, Harry Gray, Fannie Belle De Night, Everett McGarrity, Victoria Spivey, Milton Dickerson, Robert Couch, Walter Tait, Dixie Jubilee Singers

Rating: Unrated

Genre(s): Musical, Drama


Hallelujah Movie

This is a discussion about the movie done
by a Memphis, TN radio station with the daughter
of one of the actresses in the film. This film clip
starts with the Hallelujah Movie Trailer.

Movie Summary


The path to redemption is not always straight one.

Daniel L. Haynes stars as Zeke, the eldest son in a family of poor cotton farmers. When he and his younger brother
Spunk (Everett McGarrity) are sent to town to get the family's money for their annual cotton crop, Zeke becomes
enamored with a beautiful bar dancer named Chick (Nina Mae McKinney).

Chick is secretly working with another man at the bar who cons Zeke out of all of his family's money. Realizing that
he's made a terrible mistake, Zeke gets into a fight with the man. It ends in tragedy.

Zeke later finds personal redemption by becoming a preacher. However, he runs into Chick again and, once again,
goes astray leaving his loving family and a local sweetheart.

Is there any hope for Zeke?

Full of passion and lessons about life, "Hallelujah" is an important film in Black Cinema history.



• "Hallelujah" was the first feature film with an all-black cast to ever be made by a major Hollywood studio (MGM).

• Many traditional Negro spirituals are used in Hallelujah!, including “Goin’ Home” and “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

• King Vidor wanted to make "Hallelujah" so badly that he offered to give up his salary in order to direct this film.
Many people were surprised that King Vidor wanted to make this All-Black cast movie during a time a intense segregation
in the United States.

•  "Hallelujah" was shot silently on location in Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas. All of the sound was meticulously dubbed in later. "Hallelujah" was the first major African-American film to be made in Memphis.

•  Southern theatre owners originally did not want to show "Hallelujah" because they were concerned about having only African-Americans come to see the film.  But, contrary to their belief, "Hallelujah" drew a mixed audience of African-Americans and Caucasians.



• "Hallelujah" was selected for the Library of Congress National Film Registry in 2008. It is one of the few movies
starring an All Black Cast to be in the registry.

•  King Vidor was nominated for a Best Director Academy Award in 1930 for his direction of the movie "Hallelujah."

"Hallelujah" DVD


hallelujah dvd coverBuy the Hallelujah! Movie DVD
"Hallelujah" was the first All-Black Cast film to be made
by a major Hollywood studio.

Daniel L. Haynes and Nina Mae McKinney star
in this movie.

DVD Extras! 
The "Hallelujah" DVD also contains two African-American musical shorts:
"Pie, Pie Blackbird" (1932) featuring Eubie Blake, Nina Mae McKinney and the Nicholas Brothers
"The Black Network" (1936) featuring Nina Mae McKinney and the Nicholas Brothers

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"Hallelujah" Movie
hallelujah dvd

"Hallelujah" was the first All Black Cast movie to be made by a Hollywood Studio. It is also one of the few African-American cast movies to be selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

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