cotton comes to harlem dvd

Cotton Comes to Harlem

Director: Ossie Davis

Key Cast : Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, Calvin Lockhart, Judy Pace, Redd Foxx

Rating: R

Genre(s): Crime, Action, Adventure

"Cotton Comes to Harlem" Movie Trailer


Movie Summary

"Cotton Comes to Harlem" is based on the novel series by African-American author, Chester Himes.

Detectives “Gravedigger” Jones (Godfrey Cambridge) and “Coffin Ed” Johnson (Raymond St. Jacques) never cared
for the Reverend O'Malley (Calvin Lockhart), who is known for selling moves back to Africa to poor people.

Their opportunity to "bring down" the Reverend and his crooked cohorts comes together because of a bale of
cotton containing money.


∙  This was the first movie directed by Ossie Davis.

∙  Based on the novel, Cotton Comes to Harlem, by Chester Himes.  Chester Himes was an African-American writer who wrote a number of successful detective books.  Cotton Comes to Harlem was the sixth of his eight, Harlem- based detective novels.

∙  The location scenes for Cotton Comes to Harlem were filmed in Harlem, New York.


Cotton Comes to Harlem Movie DVD


cotton comes to harlem dvd coverBuy the Cotton Comes to Harlem Movie DVD
"Cotton Comes to Harlem" was directed by Ossie Davis
and stars Godfrey Cambridge, Calvin Lockhart, Redd
Foxx and many other great African-American actors.

It is based on one of the Harlem detective novels by Chester Himes.



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Chester Himes Harlem Detective Novels

.cotton comes to harlem

real cool killers by chester himes

the heat's on by chester himes


Chester Hime’s Harlem Detective Novels
African-American writer Chester Himes wrote a series of detective novels that were based in Harlem, New York. He wrote a series of eight books based on his characters Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson.

Chester Himes had two of his detective novels made into movies. They were "Cotton Comes to Harlem" and "Come Back Charleston Blue."

The Chester Himes detective books available for purchase are listed below. Click on the book title for purchase information.

Chester Himes Harlem detective novels that are available: (Some of these books are no longer being printed so they are only available used from resellers.)

Chester Himes Books:

Cotton Comes to Harlem

Come Back Charleston Blue

For Love Of Imabelle (also known as "A Rage in Harlem")

The Real Cool Killers

The Crazy Kill

The Big Gold Dream

All Shot Up

The Heat's On

Blind Man with a Pistol

"Cotton Comes to Harlem" Movie Soundtrack






"Cotton Comes to Harlem" Soundtrack
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The movie soundtrack features songs by Melba Moore, George Tipton and Leta Galloway.

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"Cotton Comes to Harlem"
Movie DVD

cotton comes to harlem

Godfrey Cambridge and
Raymond St. Jacques
star in
"Cotton Comes to Harlem."

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