buffalo soldiers movie dvd

Buffalo Soldiers

Director: Charles Haid

Key Cast : Danny Glover, Bob Gunton, Mykelti Williamson, Carl Lumbly, Glynn Turman, Michael Warren

Rating: G

Genre(s): Western, Drama, History


Movie Summary

Danny Glover stars in "The Buffalo Soldiers."

After the Civil War, Congress passed a law creating all-Black calvary units to protect the frontier. One of them was the
famous 10th Calvary Unit.

In "The Buffalo Soldiers", Danny Glover stars as Sergeant Washington Wyatt who is in charge of leading a group of
brave men to protect the New Mexico area. Their job is to find the Apache warrior Vittorio and stop the raids into
settler's communities.

It's a very dangerous job, but if anyone can do it, "The Buffalo Soldiers" can!



∙  Buffalo Soldiers really existed.  The term, “Buffalo Soldiers,” is commonly used to describe all African American soldiers who fought during the post Civil War period.  However, it originally applied to the African-American soldiers who were in the United States Army 9th and 10th Calvary units.

∙  “Buffalo Soldiers” were the first U.S. Army all-black regiments established by Congress.


Buffalo Soldiers Movie DVD


buffalo soldiers dvd photoBuy the Buffalo Soldiers DVD
This movie is based on the true story
of the African-American Buffalo Soldiers
that existed after the Civil War.

Danny Glover, Carl Lumbly and
Glynn Turman are some of the stars
of this film.

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"Buffalo Soldiers"
Movie DVD

buffalo soldiers movie dvd

Danny Glover stars as Sergeant Washington Wyatt - the leader of a group of "Buffalo Soldiers" that must stop the raids of Apache warrior Vittorio.

This movie is based on a
true story.
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