Top 10 African-American Christmas Movies


top black christmas movies imageThe holidays are a great time to watch Christmas movies with family and friends.  There aren’t a lot of African-American Christmas films, but we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the Christmas movies on this list.

Some of these movies may be familiar to you like “Diva’s Christmas Carol ” starring Vanessa Williams.  Others, you may not have even heard about like “The Kid Who Loved Christmas” starring Cicely Tyson, Michael Warren and Sammy Davis Jr.

Check out our list of the Top 10 African-American Christmas Movies.  We’re sure that you’ll find some old and new holiday favorites!

About the list: The movies on this list have a predominantly Black cast or star an African-American in a major role.  Unless indicated otherwise, all of these movies are available on DVD.

1.  Fat Albert's Christmas Special
1977 - Cartoon, Comedy, Family
fat albert christmas dvd"Hey, Hey, Hey" it's Fat Albert! This time Fat Albert and the gang find themselves in multiple situations for Christmas. Their clubhouse might be torn down and a friend's father has lost his job, making the family homeless. Nevertheless, the do-good gang find a way to make everything work out for everyone in this classic holiday cartoon.
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2. The Kid Who Loved ChristmasAvailable on VHS video only
1990 – Family, Drama
the kid who loved christmas movie dvdCicely Tyson, Michael Warren and Sammy Davis Jr. (In his last movie appearance) lead an all-star Black cast in this heartwarming family Christmas movie.  It’s the story about a boy who is finally about to be adopted when unexpectedly his adoptive mother is killed in a car accident.  The father tries to do what he can to continue with the adoption, but he encounters many roadblocks.  The father and young boy’s only wish is to be together as a family for Christmas.
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3. This Christmas
2007 - Comedy, Romance, Drama
this christmas movie dvdLoretta Devine stars as Ma’Dere, the matriarchal head of her family.  For the first time in years, the her entire family is gathering together to celebrate Christmas.  However, each family member’s problems and secrets threaten to undo the harmonious Christmas celebration that they all want.
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4.  Dream for ChristmasAvailable on VHS video only
1973 - Drama
dream for christmas dvdHari Rhodes and Beah Richards star in this little know Christmas film that was a made-for-television movie.  When a Black Pastor and his family movie from Arkansas to California, the Pastor soon discovers that the church he is moving to is broke and on the verge of being demolished.   The minister and his family don’t give up.  It’s close to Christmas, a time when miracles are known to happen.
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5. The Preacher’s Wife
1996 – Comedy, Drama
the preacher's wife dvdDenzel Washington, Whitney Houston and Courtney B. Vance star in this Christmas story about a Preacher, his wife and an angel sent to help them.  Unbeknownst to the preacher and his wife, the man they have befriended is an angel who has been sent to help rejuvenate their marriage.
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6.  The Last Holiday
2006 – Comedy, Drama
last holiday movie dvdQueen Latifah stars as Georgia Byrd, a department store clerk who leads a quiet life but is secretly a huge culinary food fan.  When she finds out that this Christmas may be her last holiday, she takes her entire savings and goes on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.  LL Cool J co-stars.
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7.  Diva’s Christmas Carol
2000 - Drama, Musical, Fantasy
diva's christmas carol dvdVanessa Williams stars as an singing diva who has her share of wicked ways.  While in New York to do a Christmas charity concert, she is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.
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8. Christmas at Water’s Edge
2004 - Family
christmas at water's edge movie dvdKeisha Knight Pulliam is a spoiled, wealthy college girl who is used to getting everything she wants for Christmas.  To help her learn the real meaning of the holiday, an unlikely angel in disguise (Pooch Hall) comes into her life.
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9.  Jingle All the Way
1996 – Family, Comedy, Action
jingle all the way movie dvdSinbad stars in this movie as a postal worker who has his sights set on getting the hottest Christmas toy of the season – Turbo Man.  He competes with Arnold Schwarzneggar who is frantically
trying to get the toy for his son. Sinbad won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for his performance in this Christmas movie.
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10. Tyler Perry's A Madea's Christmas - The Play
2011– Comedy
a madea's christmas play dvdA wealthy family is celebrating their Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate and Madea's niece has to work through the holidays. But it's not all fun and laughter because of family strife and secret's that would make even Dr. Phil blush.
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