song of the south movie dvd

Song of the South

Director: Harve Foster and Wilfred Jackson

Key Cast: James Baskett, Ruth Warrick, Bobby Driscoll, Luana Patten, Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel, Erik Rolk, Glenn Leedy

Rating: G

Genre(s): Family, Musical, Animation, Adventure


"Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" Scene
From Song of the South


Movie Summary

Who can ever forget "Zip-a-dee Doo-Dah" and Uncle Remus in "Song of the South"?

"Song of the South" is a Disney film that combines live action and animation. Probably two of the things the movie is most famous for are:
      1. The song, "Zip-a-dee Doo-dah" and
      2. The Brer Rabbit animated cartoon stories

"Song of the South" has been controversial with African-American groups like the NAACP and Urban League. These groups have formally protested the film because they feel that James Baskett's role as Uncle Remus is a denigrating racial stereotype. However, there are others who feel that the film was made with sensitivity to African-Americans. The controversy persists which is one of the main reasons why Disney never released "Song of the South" on DVD in the United States.

The "Song of the South" Storyline
After being sent to live with his grandmother for awhile, a young boy named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) finds himself being comforted by an older man named Uncle Remus (James Baskett). As the boy encounters difficult situations in his life, he starts to depend on Uncle Remus for help. Uncle Remus teaches him by telling him stories about Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear. As Uncle Remus tells each story, the movie becomes animated and audiences see the story transform into a cartoon.

There are three animated stories in the "Song of the South." They are: "Running Away," "The Tar Baby" and "The Laughing Place." Many critics consider these segments to be the best part of the film.

A Walt Disney classic, "Song of the South" features many musical numbers including the memorable tunes "Zip-a-dee Doo-dah" and "Everybody's Got a Laughing Place."


• James Baskett won an Honorary Academy Award for his role as Uncle Remus in the "Song of the South." This was the first time that an African-American man received an award from the Academy.

• James Baskett was a well-known radio personality prior to performing in "Song of the South." He played the role of "Gabby Gibson" on the Amos 'n Andy radio show. (Click here to visit our Amos 'n Andy store.)  "Song of the South" was his last screen appearance. Baskett died two years after the movie was released in 1946.

• Joel Chandler Harris, who wrote the original Uncle Remus book of stories, actually wrote the storylines for "Song of the South."
(Click here for Uncle Remus book info.)


• James Baskett, who plays Uncle Remus in "Song of the South" won an Honorary Academy Award for his performance in this film.

• The song, "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" won the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song. (Allie Wrubel for the music and Ray Gilbert for lyrics.)

• "Song of the South" was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music Scoring of a Motion Picture.


"Song of the South" Movie on DVD or VHS video

Because of the controversy surrounding "Song of the South," Disney has not released it on DVD in the United States. Consequently, "Song of the South" has become a collectible movie that is not easy to find. The most common way to find this film is on VHS video. However, you can find it on special DVDs or Laserdisc.

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The best, original version of "Song of the South" is on VHS video
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Please Note: If you live in the United States, you want to make
sure that you buy a copy that can be played in U.S. machines.
This means that you should avoid European DVD or VHS versions
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"The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus" Book

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The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus by
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"Song of the South"

song of the south movie cover

Disney has not released this film on DVD in the U.S. However, you can usually buy copies of it from sellers on Ebay.

If you want to get an authentic, original version of this movie, buy it on VHS video because this was the original way that "Song of the South" was released by Disney in the U.S. The DVDs for sale are copies and there are variations in quality.

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