sister sister movie 1982

Sister, Sister

Director: John Berry

Key Cast: Diahann Carroll, Rosalind Cash, Irene Cara, Paul Winfield, Dick Anthony Williams, Robert Hooks, Alvin Childress

Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Drama


Opening Scene from the 1982 movie
"Sister, Sister"


Movie Summary

Winner - Best Television Movie – 1982 NAACP Image Awards

“Sister, Sister” is about three sisters who suddenly find themselves living together and having to confront family problems that have been quietly lingering for years.

Diahann Carroll stars as the eldest sister, Carolyne Lovejoy, who has devoted her life to taking care of her father and youngest sister, Sissy (played by Irene Cara).  Sissy wants to pursue an ice skating career, but Carolyne is adamantly against it, which creates tension between them. 

One day, the middle sister, Frieda (played by Rosalind Cash)  unexpectedly comes home with her son to live.  Frieda’s return adds to the strain between the sisters because she wants to address family issues that Carolyne would rather keep buried.

In the midst of all of this, Carolyne is struggling to keep an affair that she is having a secret for fear that it would destroy everything that she has worked so hard to maintain.

“Sister, Sister” is a little known film with excellent acting and drama.  Many theatrical greats like Paul Winfield, Alvin Childress and Robert Hooks also star in this classic Black family movie.


• "Sister, Sister" was a made-for-television movie that first aired in 1982 as a NBC Movie of the Week.
The movie was originally made in 1979 but did not air on television until 1982. The studio did not show
the movie right away because they were concerned about a low audience rating. The feeling was that an
African-American drama would not appeal to a large enough audience to get good tv ratings, so the movie
was not shown for three years.

• Noted author Maya Angelou wrote the screenplay for "Sister, Sister."

• Irene Cara won a NAACP Image Award for her performance as the youngest sister, Sissy Lovejoy, in this movie.


• "Sister, Sister" won the Best Television Movie award from the NAACP in 1982. Also, Irene Cara walked away with the Best Actress in a Television Movie Award for her role as Sissy.

"Sister, Sister" Movie

sister sister 1982 movieSister, Sister Movie
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"Sister, Sister"

sister sister 1982 movie

This movie has not been released on DVD or VHS video.

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