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Selma, Lord, Selma

Director: Charles Burnett

Key Cast: Mackenzie Astin, Jurnee Smollett, Clifton Powell, Ella Joyce, Yolanda King, Elizabeth Omilami, Afemo Omilami, Brett Rice, Tom Nowicki

Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Family, Drama

Movie Summary

Stirring. Inspirational. True.

"Selma, Lord, Selma" is the true story about a young girl's desire to actively participate in
the Selma, Alabama Civil Rights Movement because she was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jurnee Smollett stars as young Sheyann Webb who decides that even as a child she
wants to do as much as she can to help with the Civil Rights Movement. "Selma, Lord, Selma"
is based on Webb's stirring, personal description of everything that happened in Selma, Alabama
during this time, including the right-to-vote demonstrations and famous Bloody Sunday march
in 1965.

A classic film, "Selma, Lord, Selma" is a movie that all children and families should see.


• "Selma, Lord, Selma" is based on the book of the same name that was written by Sheyann Webb. For more
information on the book, see below.

• "Selma, Lord, Selma" was a made-for-tv movie. It originally aired as part of The Wonderful World of Disney
on Jan. 17, 1999, which was one day prior to the national holiday commemorating Dr. King's birthday.
Coretta Scott King, (Dr. Martin Luther King's widow), introduced the film for the broadcast.

• Charles Burnett, the director of "Selma, Lord, Selma" also directed the highly-acclaimed, Top 100 Black
Classic Movie "Killer of Sheep."

• Jurnee Smollet is the young actress who stars in "Selma, Lord, Selma" as Sheyann Webb. She also
stars as a young actress in the Top 100 Black Classic Movie, "Eve's Bayou." Smollett starred in "Eve's Bayou"
prior to her role in "Selma, Lord, Selma."


• "Selma, Lord, Selma" was nominated for a 2000 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Television Movie.

"Selma Lord Selma" Movie DVD

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Buy the "Selma, Lord, Selma" Movie DVD
"Selma, Lord, Selma" is a classic Black
family film about an important time
during the Civil Rights Movement as
seen through the eyes of a child.

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"Selma, Lord, Selma" Book

selma lord selma book "Selma, Lord, Selma" Book by Sheyann Webb
The movie "Selma, Lord, Selma" is based on this
book which is a personal account of the experiences
of young Sheyann Webb and Rachel West.

Both of these girls were active participants in the
Selma, Alabama Civil Rights Movement activities
and were deeply inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King.

This book provides a stirring personal account of
their entire experience which would go down in
American history as a pivotal time in the Civil
Rights Movement.

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"Selma, Lord, Selma"
Movie DVD

selma lord selma movie dvd cover

"Selma Lord Selma" is an inspiring family movie about the Civil Rights Movement that is based on a true story.

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