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Polly Comin' Home!

Director: Debbie Allen

Key Cast: Keshia Knight Pulliam, Phylicia Rashad, Dorian Harewood, Barbara Montgomery, Brandon Quintin Adams, Vanessa Bell Calloway

Rating: Not Rated

Genre(s): Family, Musical


"Polly Comin' Home"
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Movie Summary

"Polly: Comin' Home!" is the sequel to the popular movie "Polly" and stars Keshia Knight Pulliam
and Phylicia Rashad.

This all-Black cast family musical picks up where "Polly" left off and uses Broadway-style
music to tell an uplifting story about Polly (Keisha Knight Pulliam) and the people who are
happy and inspired when they are around her.

Considered one of the best African-American family films to be made during the eighties,
"Polly Comin' Home" will make you feel good!



• "Polly Comin' Home" is the sequel to the original Walt Disney Movie named "Polly." The first movie was so popular and successful that Disney decided to do this sequel.

• "Polly Comin' Home" originally aired on television in November, 1990.

• The director of "Polly Comin' Home ", Debbie Allen, and one of the stars of the film, Phylicia Rashad, are sisters.

• Debbie Allen also directed the first "Polly" movie.


"Polly Comin' Home" Movie DVD


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"Polly Comin' Home "
Movie DVD
polly coming home movie dvd

Keisha Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad star in "Polly Comin' Home" - the sequel to the heartwarming movie "Polly."

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