Aaron Loves Angela

Director: Gordon Parks Jr.

Key Cast: Kevin Hooks, Irene Cara, Moses Gunn, Robert Hooks, Ernestine Jackson, Leon Pinkney, Wanda Velez, Lou Quinones, Charles Mac Gregor, Jose Feliciano

Rating: R

Genre(s): Blaxploitation, Romance, Drama,
Comedy, Thriller


Movie Summary

Kevin Hooks and Irene Cara star in "Aaron Loves Angela" - a story about love and prejudice.

Aaron (Kevin Hooks) is a talented young basketball player who lives in Harlem. His girlfriend, Angela,
lives in Spanish Harlem and is Puerto Rican. Because they are surrounded by strong prejudices in their
communities that an African-American and Puerto Rican should not be dating, they resort to seeing each
other in secret.

The secret location where they meet is also the spot for a very big drug deal. Unexpectedly, Aaron and
Angela now find themselves having to make some hard decisions.

"Aaron Loves Angela" has often been described as a Blaxploitation version of "Romeo and Juliet."


• The director of this movie, Gordon Parks Jr., also made these other famous Black Classic Movies during the
     • Super Fly
     • Thomasine and Bushrod
     • Three the Hard Way
Gordon Parks Jr., only made four movies before he tragically died in an airplane crash in 1979. This film,
"Aaron Loves Angela" was the last movie that he made.

• Robert Hooks who plays Beau in "Aaron Loves Angela" is the real life father of Kevin Hooks who stars
in this movie as Aaron.


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"Aaron Loves Angela"
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Kevin Hooks and Irene Cara star in "Aaron Loves Angela" which is about a forbidden love between a Black man and Puerto Rican woman.

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