Roots - The Complete Collection

roots tv miniseries

Roots is the TV Miniseries
that everyone should see! 

"Roots" is the best television mini-series ever done. It provides a stirring, personal account of African-American history like no other dramatic program in history.

When "Roots" first aired, it broke television records and started a national dialogue about slavery and racism in America. 

"Roots" created pride amongst African-Americans about their ancestral heritage and launched family reunions across the country.

Now this excellent historical TV series is available in a special DVD collector's set.

Contains all of the Roots Programs
The entire "Roots" miniseries is available in "Roots - The Complete Collection." There is over 25 hours of programming on ten discs.  This excellent collection contains: the first Roots TV program, the second Roots TV program (Roots: The Next Generations), a little known Roots Christmas special named "Roots: The Gift" and valuable bonus footage and features that you cannot get anywhere else.

This special edition DVD set, "Roots - The Complete Collection" specifically contains the following:

roots the complete collection

The Original "Roots" TV Miniseries
This is the original program that aired on television for eight consecutive nights in 1977.  The series starts with Kunta Kinte being captured in Africa and ends when his descendant, Chicken George gets emancipated during the Civil War.

kunta kinta pictureAdditional Special Features:
Crossing Over: How Roots Captured an Entire Nation – Alex Haley’s son William Haley and LeVar Burton join historians in examining the cultural legacy of Roots.

Roots: One Year Later – Lou Gossett Jr. hosts this documentary special that delves into the continuing impact of Roots one year later.

The Second "Roots" TV Miniseries - "Roots: The Next Generations"
This sequel aired two years later and begins where the first Roots ended – at the end of the Civil War and during Reconstruction.  This series takes you all the way up to the 1970s and shows Alex Haley’s quest to find his family’s roots.
roots birth
Additional Special Features:
The Legacy Continues – Documentary about the ongoing impact of Roots.

"Roots: The Gift" - A Christmas TV Special that aired in 1988
This Christmas special was first shown on television in 1988.  In this program, Kunta Kinte (LeVar Burton) and Fiddler (Louis Gossett Jr.) go with the plantation owner to visit another family for the holidays.  While there, they become involved with the Underground Railroad. (This DVD is currently only available as part of Roots - The Complete Collection set.)

Special Interviews and Other Bonus Documentary Information on Two DVDs - "Roots: The Legacy"
This is a two-disc set containing very interesting bonus material.
picture of alex haley and george sanford brown
Additional Special Features:
Talking with David Frost David Frost conducted this interview with Alex Haley in the early 1970s.  At the time of this interview, Alex Haley was still writing the book.
The Struggle to Make Roots – The cast and creators discuss the struggles of making this epic series.


Roots Companion Booklet 
The collection also contains a 44 page companion booklet with lots of pictures and a guide to each episode.

Buy Roots, Watch It and Share It
"Roots" compellingly dramatizes African-American history in a way that is unmatched. This is perhaps one of the most important African-American TV programs made the chronicles the history of African-Americans in the United States.

Buy it, watch it and share it with others, especially your descendants.

roots the complete collection

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Other Roots DVD Sets
Roots: The Original TV Miniseries and Roots:The Next Generations are available as separate DVD collections too. If you are interested in getting more information about these individual DVD sets, please use the links below.


Roots - The Original TV Miniseries DVD Set

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